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Hi, I'm Thomas Zerbarini. Welcome to my profile!

Thomas Zerbarini's Bio:

Thomas Zerbarini is an accomplished Airline Captain and Flight Instructor. He has over 26 years experience in the Aviation Industry. Mr Zerbarini is an active volunteer for many local community events and Aviation related causes. He is passionate with giving back to his community and profession.


A highly motivated and goal-oriented individual Mr. Zerbarini seeks to further his knowledge and experience in any way, shape or form possible. He is an avid learner, quick on his feet, and calm under pressure. He welcomes feedback and constructive appraisals. He is exceedingly patient and inventive and looks for any opportunities available to enhance his character.


Thomas Zerbarini has a deep care for others. He is driven to help those that are less fortunate, alienated, abused, bullied and most of all those with life threatening illnesses--especially children. He has a happy demeanor and is almost always smiling. Mr. Zerbarini holds the belief that a genuinely positive interaction with others will almost always produce positive results. 


As passionate and committed as Thomas Zerbarini is to his profession, He is equally passionate and dedicated to his family and 4 wonderful children. Balancing family life and his career is an enjoyable and rewarding endeavor he is proud to embrace.



Recognition & Awards


Recipient of several recognition and service awards for volunteer service and achievement.


  • Received Outstanding Achievement Award in 1991 from Unysis/Paramax (formerly Sperry) for his stellar performance in the field. Mr Zerbarini was an associate engineer installing NEXRAD antenna at various sites around the United States. Mr Zerbarini and his team had to deal with extreme weather conditions and meet a demanding schedule coordinating many tasks and vendors for antenna completion.


  • Awarded in 1993 FAA Gold Seal Flight Instructor certificate in recognition of exemplary instructor performance and student success rate.


  • Recognition from ALPA President Captain Duane Woerth 1998 for outstanding service and volunteerism as a pilot representative and professional advocate.


  • Recognized by peers and the Master Executive Council for outstanding service in 200 thru 2007 to the pilots of ASA as the ASA Master Council Vice Chairman during Contract Negotiations.


  • Recognized for over 9 years volunteer service as the ASA Master Council Vice Chairman.


  • Recognized for outstanding service as Executive Vice President of the Airline Pilots Association 2006-2008.


  • Recognized a second time for continuing achievement and outstanding service as Executive Vice President of the Airline Pilots Association, Intl. 2008-2010.


  • Awarded Atlantic Southeast Airlines Management's Recognition Award for Service.




Air Line Pilots Association

January 1998 – Present (16 years 7 months) Committee Volunteer:


  • Membership Committee Chairman.
  • Professional Standards Committee Chairman
  • ExecutiveAdministrator.
  • National Merger Committee Neutral Member. 



Civic Involvement


  • Local Food Drives
  • Civic work cleaning storm drains and trash pickup
  • Aviation museum volunteer
  • Chaperon volunteer for numerous sons and daughters Field trips



Thomas Zerbarini

Thomas Zerbarini's Experience:

  • Airline Pilot at ASA

    Captain on the CRJ 900/700, CRJ200 and EMB 120 for scheduled domestic and international FAR Part 121 airline. Previously served as First Officer on CRJ 700 and EMB 120. As a professional pilot advocate, I strive to exemplify aviation safety, professionalism and the importance of maintaining a personal code of ethics. During my tenure at ASA, I have been recognized as an ambassador and a key speaker for the FAA’s 2009 Call-To-Action Safety Road Show in Atlanta, GA. During this event we discussed the importance of professionalism, risk assessment and how it contributes to aviation safety. As a result of these road shows, the FAA and participating airlines developed additional safety policies to identify and reduce risk associated with pilot experience and proficiency. later that year, I participated in the creation of special programs at ASA. I was an instrumental part of drafting the FAA mandated Pilot Observation Program in an effort to identify and monitor certain risk factors with low experience aviation professionals. This resulted in the creation of an Observation Policy for low experience pilots and pilots with past training issues. The policy allowed us to identify risks early on and develop a pilot specific training program to bring pilots to optimum proficiency. In 2007-2009 I sat on the weekly "Departure-zero" panel as a participant to recognize and recommend changes to operational practices that would increase on-time performance. As a result, numerous changes and practices were implemented which included Crew Snack Boxes, Auto-Boarding, ACARS Performance/Analysis, ACARS Delay Code Reporting, Gate Agent Briefings, and so on.

Thomas Zerbarini's Education:

  • Thomas Edison State College

    Concentration: Aviation
    Activities: During my first few years on College, I started a Flying Club and was voted to President for the first two terms. My favorite classes in College were of course anything related to aviation. Strangely enough, I also enjoyed statistics and Cinema History. In Cinema class, I discovered so much more of our American history than I ever did in other history classes. Its Amazing how much Cinema played in our developing nation.

Thomas Zerbarini's Interests & Activities:

Thomas Zerbarini enjoys listening and playing music (Percussions.) He recognizes the value introducing youngsters to music and playing an instrument to develop patience, accomplishment and cognitive skills. Mr Zerbarini loves to cook, grill and BBQ. He loves to learn new recipes and believes in following those recipes loosely to develop new flavors. Tom especially loves to cook for his family and enjoys hosting large family and social gatherings to bring everyone together. Mr Zerbarini enjoys playing soccer and following the US team in the World Cup. In high school, Mr Zerbarini played on High School Varsity team and competitive club teams. Thomas Zerbarini had the honor of being designated Junior Varsity All Star and MVP in 1886. Most of all Thomas Zerbarini enjoys spending time with his children. Some of our favorite things to do include playing Wii Rock Band, impromptu dance parties, swimming and almost any outdoor activity. Mr Zerbarini enjoys recreational flying and aerobatics. He loves practically any water sport including sailing, snorkeling, skim boarding, jet skiing, deep sea fishing and just soaking up the sun at the beach. Tom also loves winter sports like skiing, snowmobiling and sledding. Mr Zerbarini loves to be active. He enjoys his solo time to relax and recharge. Yet, there really isn't anything that he doesn't enjoy doing as long as it's fun and includes his family and friends. Thomas Zerbarini, Lynne Zerbarini

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